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How the Memory Team can help

Cardiff Memory Team

The Memory Team is located at the Academic Centre, University Hospital Llandough. The team aims to encourage:

  • Timely identification of dementia and other cognitive disorders
  • Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis
  • Advice and support for patients and their caregivers, particularly those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
  • Work with other agencies and service providers
  • Best use of drug and non-drug treatments and evidence-based management

Contact the Memory Team on 029 2071 6961 or email

Visiting a Memory Clinic

If you have been referred to a Memory Clinic, a relative or friend will accompany you to help with any questions about background history.

You will need to complete some tests to evaluate any strengths and weaknesses that you might have.

You may need to have further medical tests such as a CT brain scan and a full blood screen to check for underlying medical problems. You may also need to have an ECG test to help the diagnosis.

The team will discuss a likely diagnosis with you and give some follow up advice and support.

The team will keep you up to date with any findings and, if given permission, can inform your family and GP.

Help after visiting the Memory Clinic

If you have recently been to the Memory Clinic you might have been told that you have a memory problem, and have been offered advice to minimise the problems.

You may have been given lots of information at the clinic and sometimes, it is difficult to remember everything you have been told.

One of the Memory Team’s Specialist Nurses can visit you at home or speak to you on the telephone to discuss things.

If you are worried about anything or have any questions in the future you can ring the Memory Team and ask to speak to someone for advice. You can call the Memory Team on 029 2071 6961.

You may have questions or need advice about the following:

Your diagnosis and test results

You can discuss information that you have been told in clinic about understanding your diagnosis or implications for the future.


If you have been prescribed medication for your memory, we will give you advice on taking it and possible side effects. The Specialist Nurses can be contacted.

Finances and Legal Issues

We can advise you on benefits that you may be entitled to and we can offer advice about updating your Will and arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney.


We can advise you on how to contact the DVLA and tell them about your memory problems.

Support Groups

There are local organisations that run support groups, such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Solace.  You may be interested in meeting other people with similar problems.

Accessing Services

If you and your family are finding it difficult to cope, you may benefit from an assessment of your needs.

Local Research

The Memory Team has a research department, which allows people with memory problems take part in research.

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