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Help with technology

Help with technology

What is Zoom?

Zoom allows you to video call a group of people all at the same time, through your phone, tablet or computer. You will be able to see and hear other people from your group, without having to leave your home.

It is free to download. You may want to ask friends or family to help you to download it.

It is free to use if you are connected to the internet, for example on your WIFI at home.

How do I get Zoom?

You will need to download Zoom onto your computer, phone or tablet. Search for online and follow the instructions on the website, or go to the App store on your phone or tablet and search for ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’.

Once Zoom is downloaded, you need to sign up. You will need to enter your personal email address and make up a new password for your Zoom account. You will need to re-enter this password later to sign in, so write it down and keep it safe.

How do I use Zoom?

You can join some of our online sessions through Zoom . When the group is about to start, you can click on the link on the event webpage and it will open the Zoom app and the meeting will begin.

Top tips for Zoom

  • Download Zoom at least the day before joining one of the sessions to give yourself enough time to sign up.
  • Make sure your computer, laptop or phone is charged up with plenty of battery and is connected to the internet before your group.
  • Sit somewhere comfortable and quiet with plenty of light. This is so that you, and everyone else in your group, can see and hear each other clearly.
  • Be aware that during the meeting you will be seen when the camera is on and heard when unmuted. If you prefer, you can choose to keep your camera off and be on mute for the group.

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