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Becoming a Dementia Friendly business or organisation

Becoming a Dementia Friendly business or organisationv

Businesses and organisations across Cardiff are being supported to become Dementia Friendly, as part of the Welsh Government’s commitment to building Dementia Friendly Communities throughout Wales.

We will provide a representative of your business or organisation with resources to identify some simple, low-cost changes that can be made at a time to suit you. Making changes, no matter how small, will mean that your services and premises will become more welcoming and accessible for people living with dementia, and those people caring for them.

It will also mean that people affected by dementia can use their local services with confidence, and you can be confident you are helping to make a difference to the lives of your customers and staff who are living or working in Cardiff.

There is no cost in becoming Dementia Friendly, your staff will have the opportunity to become Dementia Friends, and your services will become recognised in the local community as being welcoming and accessible for people affected by dementia.

To find out more information about becoming Dementia Friendly, please email

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